About Social Startup 48

SS48 is a non-profit organisation committed to driving positive change in society the ‘business’ way. We believe taking advantage of the mechanisms of market forces is the most effective way to create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable change.

Our mission is to support the development of social innovation all over the world, by giving people the tools, resources, networks and confidence they need to create change through their own social startups or in their existing workplaces.

Our vision is to empower people in cities all over the world to introduce Social Startup 48 to their own communities.

Contrary to what some might think, SS48 is not about building a business or creating large scale social change in a weekend. That rarely happens. It’s about providing people with an experience where they learn new things and grow in confidence; increasing the awareness and supporting the development of social enterprises, and it’s about building networks of like-minded people.

Teaming up with ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks is a technology consulting firm based in Chicago with 29 offices in 12 countries. They’re really good at what they do.

For SS48, finding a sponsor was not just about finding a company for financial support. We wanted to find an organisation who shared our values– one that we could actually work together with in order to change the way people think about business and its role in creating a better world.

ThoughtWorks is more than a consulting firm with a big corporate social responsibility program. Doing good work is part of their DNA, and it is demonstrated from the passionate people they hire through to the projects that they tackle for their clients.

There are very few companies out there with such strong values. We’re proud to be sponsored by ThoughtWorks, and we hope you’ll get to know more about them too.

Contact us

For all enquiries, please send an email to [email protected]