How can we help?

We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions here. If you find your questions are not answered here, please check with your local organiser. Otherwise, contact us as described on the About page.

I am currently working on an idea and I would like to use SS48 to develop the idea further, can I do that?

No. SS48 is not a place where people come along to find resources for their own startups. It is a environment that is less about the idea and more about the experience. People who do this tend to be protective, defensive and stubborn and do not make good teammates for the purposes of a collaborative weekend of learning and growing.

How about the intellectual property of the ideas?

Your ideas are yours and we respect that, so we won’t use them or share them with anybody outside of your SS48 weekend. We encourage you to be open with your ideas and not be afraid to share them. SS48 is more about the experience than the ideas, and if you share your ideas then you will gain the most from the experience. If you aren’t willing to share, then SS48 is not for you.

How are teams formed?

The organisers for your city will allocate you into teams based on the information you provide. This is to ensure your team has a great balance of skills and experience, without wasting time in forming teams. Don’t worry, you’ll have a whole weekend to get to know everybody!

What if I am placed in a team where I don’t believe in the idea? Or I am not passionate about the issue being addressed? Or I just don’t get along with my team mates?

Speak to your organisers. It is important that you have a great experience, as it is for your teammates too. Your organiser will help you find the best solution, whether it means working with your team to address your issues or allocating you to another team. Remember that changing teams can be disruptive to your original team and your new team, so it will be avoided where possible.

Do we actually work for 48 hours straight?

No, but you’re more than welcome to!

What are we pitching for? Are there prizes up for grabs?

The pitch is a fun and effective way of synthesising everything that happened during your SS48 weekend. It adds to the intensity and the competitive element always brings out the best in the participants. It also gives you practice in pitching to potential investors and tests your nerves under rigorous questioning and scrutiny. Each local organising team will decide if there is anything ‘up for grabs’ but you should know that officially there is no seed capital or prize for the winning team.

What happens after the weekend?

That’s entirely up to you and your team. You may decide that you want to continue exploring your idea with your team, or you may decide to leave it there. In the past, participants have taken their relationships from the weekend to become business partners. Some have taken holidays together and others organised barbecues.¬†As long as you walk away with some new learnings, a fresh perspective, and a stronger network then we’ll be happy.

How can I stay in touch with the latest SS48 news?

Subscribe to our social media streams and sign up to our mailing list in the links at the bottom of this page. Also, be sure to visit this site regularly.

I would love to attend SS48 but there are no organisers in my city, what can I do?

Send us an email, tweet or a Facebook message and tell us that you’d like us to visit your city. Then tell your friends to do the same thing. We want to grow to many cities as fast as possible but of course we’ll only do so when we’re ready and confident that we have everything required to run an excellent weekend.

I want to organise SS48 in my city. How can I do this?

Visit the Run SS48 website. All the details are there!