Start small, finish big.

SS48 is a high energy event for people who are passionate about changing our world through entrepreneurship. It is all about creating impact in a way that is sustainable under the pressure of market mechanisms.


When you sign up, you will be required to submit an idea for a social startup. You’ll be allocated to a team and you’ll decide which idea will become the focus of your weekend. Then you’ll begin brainstorming ideas and designing solutions together with your team of unique individuals.


Throughout the course of the weekend your idea will grow into something bigger. Something real.¬†Speakers will inspire you and mentors will provide you and your team with guidance throughout the weekend.¬†As your team faces challenges, you’ll pivot, debate, discuss, change ideas and change again. But don’t worry–that’s part of the learning, and part of the fun.


Before you know it, you’ll be engulfed in a rush of excitement as you pull your business model, marketing plan and funding strategy together to pitch your idea to a panel of distinguished judges. They want to know if your startup can create social impact in a way that is innovate and economically sustainable.

A typical weekend

The schedule below is to give you an idea of what an SS48 weekend looks like. Of course, it might be a little different in your city.

Friday Saturday Sunday
6.00pm Doors open/Dinner served

7.00pm Opening keynote

7.30pm Team work

9.00pm Present initial ideas

9.30pm Networking drinks

9.00am Doors open

11.30am Guest speaker

12.00pm Networking lunch

1.00pm Mentoring session 1

2.00pm Mentoring session 2

3.00pm Back to work (mentors available)

6.00pm Guest speaker

6.30pm Dinner served

7.30pm Power on!

9.00am Doors open

12.00pm Lunch

1.00pm Mentors available

4.00pm Submit presentation materials

5.00pm Pitches

6.30pm Closing keynote

7.00pm Dinner served

7.30pm Judging feedback/Winners announced

8.00pm Finish